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Govt. Sundarban Adarsha College, Khulna

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Govt. Sundarban Adarsha College, Khulna

Welcome To English Department

Md. Habibur Rahman

Associate Professor and Head of the Department

Welcome note from Department of English

In the long journey of Sundarban Adarsha College, Khulna, started in 1969, ours is one of the old departments founded in 2012 in the Faculty of Arts, Sundarban Adarsha College, Khulna determined to attain the highest standards in academic excellence. For more than a decade, this department has had a formative influence in fostering and developing some of the brightest minds of Bangladesh. Our mission is to produce graduates who will be able to apply their understanding of the language, the teaching of English and its literary implications effectively in their academic life and professional arena in order to advance themselves as well as the nation towards progress while upholding the humanizing appeal of English Studies.
Our undergraduate programme offers a wide range of courses, from traditional areas — like Shakespeare, Romanticism, composition skills and world literature — to contemporary subject matters including cultural studies, ecocriticism, advanced critical theories, migration literature, and also ELT in the light of the latest trends in foreign language teaching and learning . Our curriculums thus are designed to equip students with the necessary skills they need to explore the world within academia and outside and be prepared to tackle the challenges of the twenty-first century.
Our alumni can be found teaching in reputed institutions in the country, in the civil service, in the corporate world, in media and much more. They serve in humanities centers, work as educators in high schools and colleges, and are involved in non-profit or private as well as public sectors using their research and teaching to shape the existing body of knowledge. Indeed, our teachers, students and alumni possessing an impressive range of qualifications, have significantly contributed to the wellbeing of the country. And we expect nothing less from you as well, the pioneers of our bright future.
Our latest quick links on the face book will lead you to the notices, departmental publications and newsletters informing you of the flurry of activities happening here, and it will also enlighten you its admission procedures and faculty profiles. You will be happy to discover it for yourself that the department is a close-knit community working shoulder to shoulder to help you explore your creative aptitude, analytical expertise, ensuring a positive impact on every aspect of your practical and intellectual life.
If you are scanning through the page as an undergraduate student, please do not miss this opportunity to apprise yourself of the books, booklets and syllabi available online, which will afford detailed insights into what we do in the department. A few glances across the webpage will tell you that there is a lot more done here than just reading. If you take an interest in English literature and language, you will know that you will have to read across cultures, fine-tune your critical judgment, contribute to dialogue and even debate on a diverse range of issues as colonialism, power, race, gender, class and so on that will hopefully help you nurture a lifelong commitment to the cause of effective communication, purposeful action and humanistic principles.
We look forward to continuing this legacy and hope you will join us in the exciting exploration of English studies. Please do not hesitate to communicate with our vibrant department and dedicated office personnel whenever you need! Let this department be a place for you to anchor yourself as you develop as an individual as well as a scholar. Welcome to your very own world of thoughts, texts, thrill, and teamwork!
Best regards,
Md. Habibur Rahman
Associate Professor & Head
Department of English
Govt. Sundarban Adarsha College, Khulna


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